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  The Consortium has had a legal department in his structure since 2002. The department attends to the whole business of the Consortium - shipping, agency and trade, mainly specialized in the maritime law.


  The legal department also provides legal services to other customers in Bulgaria, Malta, Italy, Cyprus, etc. The rendered legal aid consists in consultancy, preparation of contracts and court representation - in the shipping field and reference to the Bulgarian legislation. The legal assistance also includes administrative support in compliance with the local regulations in Bulgaria. The department represents companies working in the maritime business and in other various fields connected.


  The main purpose of the so-offered legal services is protection of the economical and personal rights and interests of our clients.


  The legal department has been a correspondent of the big British law firm Ince & Co. and the present prospects are to undertake the correspondence of other world-leading law firms as well as correspondence of some prestigious P&I Clubs.


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