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 H.H. Brothers Maritime ltd. is direct representative of  Prista Oil ltd. and  arranging supply of vessels with Lubricant Oils as follows:


PRISTAŽ MARINE C  oils are designated for low-speed crosshead diesel engines with circulation lubrication, that is to say a closed system intended to lubricate crankshaft bearings, camshaft bearings, etc. PRISTAŽ MARINE C  ensure rust and corrosion protection at long idle times or downtimes, they wash away wear debris, dirt, scales and oxidation products. These oils do not form stable emulsions with occasionally entrapped water and at last but not least important they prevent deposit formation on the oil cooled surfaces of piston bottom, oil pipelines and crankcase walls. PRISTAŽ MARINE C  oils ensure practically unlimited service life. They are formulated in three SAE viscosity grades: 20, 30 & 40 and with total alkalinity of 6 mg KOH/g.

PRISTAŽ MARINE CM oils are recommended for the other type of low-speed marine engines with the so called centralized forced lubrication of the pistons - open system. Only fresh oil enters the cylinders and it almost completely bums there. Just very small quantities run down the cylinder walls into the under piston area and there they are periodically drained as waste. PRISTAŽ MARINE CM completely meet the basic requirements towards marine oils for high output marine engines burning residual fuels (of high sulfur contents) namely very high TBN - about 70 mg KOH/g and proper thickness - SAE 50.

Prista Oil EAD recommends the following types and grades of lubricants for the other marine diesel engines, namely: medium-speed two-cycle and four cycle, high-speed four-cycle trunk-piston, depending on sulfur contents of the fuel they bum.



Sulfur Level

in the Fuel


TBN      mg KOH/g





SAE 30

SAE 40

SAE 50


up to 1.5






up to 2.0






up to 2.0






up to 3.0






over 3.0







All products conform to API CF and meet the requirements of the major manufacturers of heavy loaded marine diesel engines such as: Pielstick, MAN - B&W, MAN Augsburg, New Sulzer Diesel, Wartsila etc.

We also have a special type marine oil PRISTAŽ MS 9250It is designated for lubrication of diesel engines that call for oils conforming to the Military Specification MIL-L-9000H. The high alkalinity of the oil allows its problem-free application in engines burning fuel with substantially high level of sulfur.

The following Prista brand lubricants are suitable for application in marine engines demanding motor oils of such quality and grade

PRISTAŽ SHPD 15W-40 - Conforms to API CI-4/CH-4/CG-4/CF-4/SL, ACEA E7/A3/B3/B4-04, approved against MB 228.3; MB 229.1, MAN 3275, Volvo VDS-2, RVI RLD, RD-2.DHD-1, Mack EO-M Plus, Caterpillar ECF 1, Cummins CES 20 072/1/6/7/8 & ZF TE-ML 07C/04C. This oil is also fit for application in the Detroit Diesel two-cycle diesel engines where the manufacturer recommends the application of API CH-4 performance level lubricant.

PRISTAŽ Leader TD 15W-40 - Conforms to API CG-4, CH-4/ SJ, ACEA E2-07; E2-04, approved against MB 228.1; MB 229.1,MAN 271, MACK EO-M Plus, Volvo VDS, Allison C^, MTU Type 1, Cummins CES 20071, Cummins CES 20076, Caterpillar ECF1, ZF TE ML 07C/04C, Renault RD/RD-2.



Besides the a.m. primary lubricants, the following supplementary lubricants are also suitable for marine applications:

Turbine Oils

Turbine oils PRISTAŽ ŇĐs 32, 46, 68They are intended for lubrication of water, steam and gas turbines demanding oils of the following ISO 6743-5 categories: TSA & TGA accordingly. They are also suitable for lubrication of the associated with the turbines equipment and governing systems. These oils can be used in circulation systems, different types of lubricated bearings, from lightly to medium loaded assemblies and in hydraulic systems with low to moderate pressures.

They meet the requirements of ISO 8086 type AR, DIN 51515 - Part 2, GENERAL ELECTRIC GEK-28143A TYPE I, II, III, SIEMENS TLV 901304, ALSTOM NBA 50001, ALSTOM HTGD 90 117 V 0001 T.

Compressor Oils

PRISTAŽ MVK-1 32, 68, 100 compressor oils are designated for lubrication of piston and rotary type compressors of small and medium capacity and output air temperature under 160°C. They meet the requirements of DIN 51506-VB & VC

Compressor oils PRISTAŽ MVK-2  68, 100  are intended for lubrication of piston type compressors with circulation and combined lubrication systems calling for compressor oils of high oxidation stability, good rust and corrosion protection, enhanced lubricating properties and output air temperature under 220°C. These oils comply with DIN 51506-VDL

Refrigerator compressor oils PRISTAŽ FRIGUS HA 22, 32 are designated for lubrication of refrigerators and refrigerator equipment operating with ammonia and meeting the requirements of DIN 51503-KA

Industrial Gear Oils

PRISTAŽ Rolon F  100, 150, 220 are recommended for lubrication of closed gear drives (reducers), chain drives, chain wheels, plain and rolling bearings, slideways and flexible couplings/connections, operated at normal to high temperatures. Ensure good protection against micro-pitting. Meet the requirements of Flender Spec, Renk Spec, ISO 6743/6 - ISO L-CKD, ISO 12925, US Steel 224, DIN 51517- Part 3, DAVID BROWN S1.53.10(E), AGMA 9005-E02

Hydraulic Oils

PRISTAŽ MÍĚ - 32,46,68,100 hydraulic oils are nominated for application in hydrostatic lubrication

systems and friction mechanisms with circulation lubrication requiring oils of high oxidation stability,

good corrosion protection and enhanced anti-wear and anti-scuffing properties. These oils are suitable

for application in hydraulic systems, equipment with hydraulic pumps of vane type, hydraulic gear

pumps and piston type hydraulic assemblies. Meet the requirements of DIN 51524 - Part 2 and ISO


Hydraulic oils PRISTAŽ MÍV - 15,32,46,68,100 are recommended mainly for hydraulic systems subjected to various and varying over a wide range ambient and operating temperatures:

  • VG 15 - from minus 30°C to +100°C
  • VG 32 & 46 - from minus 25°C to +100°C
  • VG 68 & 100 - from minus 20°C to +100°C
  • VG 150 - from minus 12°C to +100°C

Rust Preventive Oil PRISTAŽGARDIt is recommended for long term protection of metal parts ensuring their safe storage during land or sea transport. It ensures guaranteed protection against moisture according to ASTM D 1748 - 35 days.



The multipurpose antifriction greases PRISTAŽ LITIUM EP are designated for lubrication of plain and rolling bearings and other friction parts and mechanisms operated under high loads and at working temperatures from -30°C to 120°C. They are formulated by thickening suitable base oil with 12-hydroxystearate and then additized by a suitable additive package. This formulation technology ensures to the finished products very good water resistance and rust, corrosion and oxidation protection properties.

The conventional calcium greases PRISTAŽ Ę are designed for lubrication of bearings and other friction parts and mechanisms operated under low pressures and at temperatures from -25 to +60°C.

The multipurpose antifriction grease PRISTAŽ LIMO is intended for lubrication of plain and rolling bearings, hinge joints, springs, chain and gear drives subjected to high loads and operated at temperatures from -20°C to 120°C. They are formulated by thickening suitable base oil with 12-hydroxystearate and then additized by a suitable additive package and 3% highly dispersive Molybdenum Disulfide, that ensures dependable wear protection.



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