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След като е направен металния шев, се пос-   С помощта на специални шаблони се раз - 

тавят фиксатори напречно на пукнатината      пробива мястото за поставяне на 

за повишаване на здравината.                            фиксатора

After the crack has been stitched with pins,     The first step is to place drill jig #1 on the locks 

are installed across the repair to add                casting with the center line of the jig                   

more strength.                                                    aligned with the pins, and drill both

                                                                             locating pin holes. Remove jig #1 and

                                                                             attach jig #2 into the two locating pin      



Разпробиване на мястото за поставяне на втория фиксатор.

After drilling the four small locating pin holes, exchange the drill bit and drill the five large

 holes.Remove the drill jig and rotate it 180° and reattach it to the casting with the same two

 locating pins and drill the five holes again.


Мястото за фиксаторите е готово.

The lock hole patterns are spaced along the repair with minimum distance half the length of 

the locks in use. If the repair is curved the minimum length is measured tip to tip on the lock

Поставяне на място на фиксаторите.                  Шлайфане на повърхността.

The locks are driven in with press fit using a    The repair is ground flush to the surface                                                              

hammer. C Series stitching pins are                   and inspected for gaps and to make sure

installed at the ends of the locks to                   the entire crack has been removed.

prevent them from backing out.                         Install one stitching pin past the visible                                            

                                                                             end of the crack.


Заличаване с иглен пистолет.                            Ремонтираната част е готова            

                                                                              за боядисване след тест за плътност.

Texture the repair with a pneumatic needle     The complete repair is ready for paint, 

scaler to blend the repair to the surrounding    unless pressure test is required.

roughcast surface.

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