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I.Minor repair works, dry dock repair arrangement and supervision.

  • Repair of diesel engines, compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, boilers; 
  • Repair of propulsion systems, shafting and steering gears; 
  • Repair of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic machines, units and systems; 
  • Repair of electrical equipment, control and radio - electronic devices and systems, etc.



II.Floating Repair Base


FRB LTD. - Burgas was established in 2004 as a part of H.H.Brothers Maritime

Consortium Group. The company's main activity is the ship repair. It owns a Floating Repair Base - flag of the Republic of Bulgaria; description, as follows:


Built in 1993;

Builder: Shipbuilding yard - Kostroma, Russia;

Classification Society: Bulgarian Ship Register


Gross tonnage                                     : 1141.30 t

Length overall                                     :     45.00 м;

Breadth overall                                   :     12.00 м;

Depth                                                   :      2.80 м;

Air draft                                              :      8.00 м;

Draft                                                    :      1.18 м.



The Floating Repair Base is fully furnished and equipped for work ashore and at sea.

It has modern appliances and devices and an independent electricity supply (generator) allowing continuous independent work and 


The Floating Repair Base and her crew can perform various ship repair works - engine fitting, coating, working spare parts out, welding, fire works and take part in dry-docking, too.


The company staff is highly-qualified and gained experienced in different types of vessels' repairs long before joining the company.


FRB LTD. - Burgas develops good relations with the Bulgarian ship-building and ship-repair yards in line of their cooperation and common work.


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